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Getting started with Aftershoot Edits
Getting started with Aftershoot Edits
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An editing style is the final extension of a photographer's creative vision. It's how you bring to life the image that you had in mind when you were looking through the camera lens. By adding those final touches and details.

Unfortunately, editing also includes a lot of tedious and time-consuming parts which you have to repeat image after image. That's why Aftershoot Edits were created - to take care of those monotonous parts, so you can focus wholeheartedly on the finer details.

In this article, we'll cover what exactly is Aftershoot Edits, who is it best for, and how can you integrate this new tool into your workflow.

Take a look at this video a for quick intro to Editing with Aftershoot to begin your journey to winning back your time!

Who is Aftershoot Best For

Everyone can benefit from Aftershoot Editing, but those who stand to gain the most are photographers who deal with large volumes of photos on a regular basis and work with:

  • Weddings

  • Events

  • Portraits

  • Journalism

With that in mind, even if you don't activate in any of these fields if your photoshoot involves you can use Aftershoot to improve your workflow.

Platforms and Image Formats Supported by Aftershoot

Aftershoot is supported by both Windows and MacOS devices that are equipped with at least 4 CPUs and 8GB RAM.

When it comes to image formats, Aftershoot supports all leading RAW formats, as well as JPEGs and PNGs.

What is Aftershoot Edits?

Aftershoot's AI learns an editing style by analyzing the edited images it's shown. The AI looks at the patterns when it comes to editing and learns the preferences, so it can apply them later to new, unedited images. It learns from you, for you.

The more consistent the patterns it sees are, the more consistent its editing is going to be. It's a process that takes time as well as a considerable amount of images. The more photos you upload, the more accurate your Personal AI Editing Profile will become. Think of it as an investment that will pay you back with all the hundreds of hours you will be saving in the future.

How to get started?

Below you will see a glossary of articles that cover the whole process of Editing with Aftershoot. In the end, you will be completely equipped to begin your journey:

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