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How to Edit Your Images With Aftershoot Pre-built AI Styles
How to Edit Your Images With Aftershoot Pre-built AI Styles
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Sometimes you don't have enough photos to build a good Personal AI Editing Profile. Other times you simply want to experiment with an editing style that is different from your own. Regardless of your reasons Aftershoot's Pre-built AI Styles and Creator Styles can get you to editing within literal minutes.

What are Pre-built AI Styles and Creator Styles?

In essence, AI Styles and Creator Styles are AI Presets, also called Smart Presets by some. Each AI Style comes with an individual set of pre-defined editing settings and values, which it applies to your images.

AI Styles use AI Masking to analyze your photos for light, skies, subjects, and background conditions, to dynamically adjust their editing values to the unique conditions of each image. They enhance and modify the look of your images, with all that's left for you to do are finishing touches and details.

What's the difference between a Preset and an AI Style?

When it comes to a regular Preset, it's simply a set of editing values and adjustments imbued into it by the creator. Without AI capabilities, a Preset applies the same exact values to every image, without taking into account the unique characteristics of each one.

Meanwhile, an AI Style will analyze your image as a whole and take a look at separate parts of it as well. It will dynamically adjust its set values like color balance, contrast, and sharpness to each image's unique scenario.

Essentially, the main difference is that AI Styles provide individual treatment to each and every image, whereas Presets simply slap the same fixed adjustments across all the images.

Now that we've established what are AI Styles and how they are different from regular Presets, let's see how you can download one and get to editing.

How to download an AI Style?

Begin by going to Aftershoot's Home Screen, and click on Marketplace on its top left side.

The first thing you will see displayed are our Premium and Creator Styles. Note that these are free for Aftershoot Max Subscribers, but you can try them out and edit up to 500 images for free. In other regards, working with them is exactly the same as with other AI Styles.

Below that, you will see a carousel of the current Trending Styles. This is a feature made to help you easily navigate through the multitude of AI Styles that Aftershoot has to offer. Simply click on one of them and the AI Styles displayed below will be filtered.

Finally, below you will see all the available AI Styles we have to offer at this time. You can arrange them in alphabetical or chronological order using the Sort By function. There is also a Filter carousel with Tags. These are attributed to every AI Style depending on its editing style. Simply click on one of them and the shown AI Styles will be filtered.

There are two types of AI Styles - for editing JPEG Images and for RAW Images. Once you see a style that's up to your liking, simply click on the Download button.

You can also double-click on an AI Style to inspect it more closely.

Here you can read the description, as well as some before and after examples of this AI Style's editing. Once you're done click on the Try Profile button to download it.

That's all, with that done you can proceed to edit your images. The editing process is the same regardless of whether you use an AI Style or a Personal AI Editing Profile. Find out more about that in this article.

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