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How to Cull and Edit using Aftershoot
How to Cull and Edit using Aftershoot
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First, you met Culling. Now you've met Editing. All that’s left is bringing the magical Unicorns together!

There are a few different workflows at the time of writing this and we will cover all of the available options. As always, innovation is key and Aftershoot is working hard on the next big workflow update!

This is the Cull and Import workflow.

To get started, we will run a cull in Aftershoot:

  • Import the images from your session by making a new Culling project

  • Start the cull - Click Start Culling and select the options you want

When the Cull is complete and you have reviewed the cull and made your tweaks to it, export the images you want edited to Lightroom by clicking the "Export" button on the bottom right and choosing "Lightroom Classic"

Once in Lightroom, either let Lightroom create a new catalog or add it to an existing catalog.

Note: For faster editing, in the File Handling panel on the right side of the Lightroom Import screen, make sure Build Smart Previews is selected

You can choose any size for Build Preview but to speed things along, choose Minimal

Once Lightroom has finished the import process, you will see the stars and colors added by Aftershoot show up here.

Next, click the Albums button in the upper left corner to return to the Aftershoot Home screen, find your album and click on the "Editing" icon

Doing so should open up the Editing Interface for Aftershoot.

Once on the screen, add the Lightroom catalog you just imported the images to and choose the AI profile you want to use along with the option to enable cropping and straightening.

Once done, click "Continue" and filter the images you want to edit based on the color and star filters

This screen will also show you how many images can't be edited due to missing RAW files or Smart Previews.

Click on "Start Editing" and wait for a few minutes until our Magical Unicorns edit your photos ;)

When Edits has finished, you should get a notification and an email letting you know. Click on "Review in Lr" button in Aftershoot to open the edited catalog in Lightroom.

In Lightroom, simply filter your selected images down by the star or color rating and fine-tune your edits while getting back to enjoying the things you love quicker!

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