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Training a brand new profile, but having trouble? You have landed in the right place.

Aftershoot’s training process relies first on access to Smart Previews or raw images. If you do not have Smart Previews or raw images for the edited images in the catalog you are uploading, Aftershoot will not be able to complete its process.

This can happen if the images are being loaded from the cloud, you have deleted the original raw images or Smart Previews or you have moved them after completing editing.

If the raws or Smart Previews are located in the cloud or on a NAS system, Aftershoot may not be able to access them quickly enough which can cause the upload to fail. To fix this, make sure the catalogs, raws, and Smart Previews are available locally via an external or internal hard drive.

What if you deleted your raw images? Some of us photographers are "raw hoarders" and some of us are "raw purgers". You generally either have every single raw you ever shot stored somewhere or you deleted them long ago once you delivered your session.

If you tend to keep all of your raw images, you may want to skip to the next paragraph to reconnect them. If you tend to delete your raw images or Smart Previews, we have some bad news. Unfortunately, Aftershoot requires the ability to see the images to understand the edits, so without smart previews or raw images, training won't be able to complete.

Don't fret, 2,500 is the minimum amount of raw or Smart Previews required to get started. While it won't be nearly as accurate as a 5,000-image profile, it is a starting point and would allow you to continue uploading completed catalogs as you finish.

For those who may have the Smart Previews or raw images stored somewhere, we need to make sure they are stored where Lightroom expects them to be. For Smart Previews, the file would be located in the same folder as the catalog.

For Raw images that have been moved since import, you can either replace the folder that is missing (i.e. if you moved the folder LauraCathyRaw to a different backup hard drive, you would simply move LauraCathyRaw back to its original location). OR you can open your Lightroom catalog, and reconnect the missing files by simply clicking on the exclamation point for an image and navigating to the location you moved the raw file to or by clicking Library, Find All Missing Photos.

Last but not least, Aftershoot requires an internet connection to upload these files for training. If your training fails or stops, there may have been a break in the internet long enough to pause the upload. Simply click retry when the internet returns and let it continue.

As always, if you did not find your answer here, don't hesitate to reach out to the in-app support for assistance!

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