No Smart Previews or Raws Found
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When Aftershoot Edits begins its profile training or editing process, sometimes users will get this error.

First, you need to make sure the files are where they are supposed to be. For instance, if you are using Smart Previews, make sure you have the Smart Previews built for all of the images you are uploading for training or editing.

Smart Previews are generally located in the same folder as the Lightroom catalog and are simply the name of the Lightroom catalog followed by “Smart Previews”.

For example, "Erica and Cathys Engagement Session.lrcat" would have a Smart Previews file named "Erica and Cathys Engagement Session Smart Previews.lrdata” located in the same folder.

Depending on how your system is configured, you might not see the file extension - the ".lrdata" - that's fine. Just make sure to look for the "Smart Previews" as part of the filename - in this example, "Erica and Cathys Engagement Session Smart Previews.

In the scenario when you are using raw files, but the error says no raw files found, we recommend opening your Lightroom catalog to make sure that the files are not 'missing' from Lightroom.

When Aftershoot looks for the raw files for training or editing, Aftershoot is looking for the files where Lightroom says they are stored. If the original raw files are not where Lightroom thinks they should be, Aftershoot will not be able to access them either.

On the off chance, the Smart Previews or raw files are where they are supposed to be but Aftershoot cannot find them, reach out directly to support so they can help troubleshoot the issue!

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