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Capture One Workflow with Tab Bar Update
Capture One Workflow with Tab Bar Update
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The new Tab Bar flow in Aftershoot has brought many changes and improvements. It also brought some modifications to the way Capture One users experience the app. In this article, we'll explore how the new flow looks. Please note this may be temporary as we're constantly exploring ways to integrate Capture One better.

New Culling/Editing Flow

In our experience, previously, most Capture One users imported their images from their memory card directly into Capture One and then exported catalogs into Aftershoot. We recommend a different flow, for both Culling and Editing, that will help you have the best experience.

Step 1. Importing into Aftershoot

There are two ways you can go about this. The simpler way is to ingest your images directly into Aftershoot from your camera or memory card.

If you prefer to import into Capture One first, you will then need to export your images into a folder as RAWs/JPEGs, before importing them into Aftershoot. When you're uploading a Capture One Catalog as opposed to RAW/JPEG images, you can only edit, not cull.

Step 2. Culling & Editing

After you import the RAW/JPEG images into Aftershoot just go about Culling and/or Editing as you would usually do in Aftershoot.

If you need some tips, guidelines, or simply a refresher, please refer to these Get Started with Aftershoot Culling and How to Edit your Images with Aftershoot articles. They have been updated to reflect the new Tab Bar flow.

Note: If you wish to continue editing your images in Capture One, please keep in mind to use a Personal AI Editing Profile trained on Capture One catalogs, when editing your images in Aftershoot.

Step 3. Exporting Images

This part of the flow hasn't changed. You can still export your images directly into the editing software of choice as soon as you're done Culling and/or Editing.

We hope this article was useful and if you still experience difficulties or have questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] - it will be our pleasure to help you out!

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