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1. Do I still need to upload LR/C1 catalogs?

Yes, LR/C1 catalogs are still needed to train your Personal AI Editing Profiles.

2. Can I use the Tab Bar only for Culling/Editing?

In case you're looking to run ONLY a Culling or ONLY an Editing session, you can certainly do that. Simply import your images, switch to the Cull/Edit tab, run your session, and then export your images.

3. Why did the Cull tab become disabled after I imported my LR/C1 catalogs?

LR/C1 catalogs cannot be culled, hence the Cull Tab becoming disabled. If you wish to cull, use RAW/JPEG images.

4. Can I edit first and cull later?

Yes, you can edit RAW/JPEG images first, and then cull them. You can also edit your LR/C1 catalogs, review them in your software of choice, export them as RAW/JPEG images, and cull them then.

5. Why don't my images look edited even after the edit is done?

Aftershoot doesn't show you the edit's results. To review, please export the images into your software of choice.

6. Which software can I export my images to?

Aftershoot supports direct export to Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Capture One.

7. What happens to my previously culled and edited albums?

Your culled albums will work fine, but you might encounter some minor difficulties with your edited albums. In case that happens, please contact our Support Team.

Frequently asked questions

1. When exporting edited RAWs directly into an LR/C1 Catalog, will I be able to see the slider changes?

Yes, since editing involves modifying slider values, you will be able to see and modify those changes once you export your images into Lightroom or Capture One.

2. When exporting edited RAWs directly into an LR/C1 Catalog, will I be able to see and modify the cropping and/or straightening changes?

Yes, once in Lightroom or Capture One you can modify or undo the cropping and/or straightening modifications made by Aftershoot.

3. When editing RAWs can I reset the edit in Aftershoot? Will I be able to reset the edit in LR/C1?

While there is no "reset edit" feature in Aftershoot, you can run another AI edit on your images, and that will replace the previous one.

After importing your Aftershoot edited RAWs into Capture One you can certainly reset your edit. The same is possible with Lightroom's Develop Module.

4. Is the cropping feature only usable for weddings and sessions involving people, or I can use it for other genres as well?

Aftershoot's automatic cropping feature makes decisions by analyzing the background of an image's subject in focus. While it may not be as oriented towards images without subjects in focus, it is most certainly still usable.

5. Will the cropping issue learn from how I prefer to crop my images and take that into account with future projects?

At the moment, Aftershoot's cropping feature analyzes each image on a case-by-case basis, and cannot be taught based on past results.

6. Can I edit a folder with RAWs/JPEGs together with a LR/C1 Catalog inside the same Aftershoot project?

You'd need to have separate projects for RAW/JPEG folder editing and LR/C1 Catalog editing. However, you can later combine both projects into a single LR/C1 Catalog on your own.

7. What software and/or apps are compatible with the new Tab Bar update?

This update hasn't affected Aftershoot's compatibility with other software or apps, so everything stayed the same in this regard.

8. Can I cull the images in my LR/C1 Catalogs directly now?

At the moment you can't cull your catalogs directly. You have to export them as RAWs/JPEGs, cull them in Aftershoot, and export them directly into LR/C1. If you feel like this could be a useful feature, please complete this request form.

9. What do the gray and green icons on top of an album mean?

These icons represent the progress stages of this particular album, in the following order - Import, Cull, Edit, and Export. A green icon means a stage has been completed, while a gray one means it hasn't.

10. Do I still have to export my images to LR/C1 after Aftershoot is done culling?

It's not necessary, but you can if you want or need to. You can continue by editing your images inside Aftershoot. Or you can export them manually to your device or external hard drive.

11. Can I create a Personal AI Editing Profile based on Bridge/ACR/Photoshop?

You can create a Personal AI Editing Profile based on ACR if you import it into Lightroom first. Afterward, export it as Lightroom Catalogs that you can then use to train a Personal AI Editing Profile. The reason behind that is that ACR is a Photoshop first feature, which does destructive edits, whereas Lightroom does non-destructive edits.

In the case of Bridge/Photoshop, it's not possible at the moment.

12. Can I use my LR/C1 Personal AI Editing Profile on other platforms?

Aftershoot Personal AI Editing Profile, as well as pre-built AI Styles and Creator Styles, can only be used in Aftershoot.

13. Can I edit RAWs and JPEGs together in the same project?

You'd need to have separate projects to edit RAWs and separate projects to edit JPEGs.

14. Will editing RAWs/JPEGs in Aftershoot make the changes directly onto my images? Can I reverse the changes?

Aftershoot uses a non-destructive form of editing, so you never lose your original images. The changes can be reversed in Capture One by using Global Reset, and in Lightroom's Develop Module by deleting the "Aftershoot Edits" tab in History or Snapshots.

15. What's the difference between the Loose and Aggressive Crop Settings?

When you choose Loose, Aftershoot will be more lenient with its cropping. Choosing the Aggressive setting will lead to Aftershoot being more strict with cropping.

16. Will the Loose/Aggressive Crop Setting cut any part of my image's subjects?

No, Aftershoot crops images by analyzing the background of your image's subjects in focus, hence it never cuts any part of them.

17. What is the default ratio of the Loose Crop?

The default ratio setting is 1:1.

18. Can I retouch the images edited by Aftershoot, in Bridge/Photoshop and use them to improve my Personal AI Editing Profile?

Yes, as long as they stay in the LR/C1 and RAW/JPEG format that you used to initially train the Personal AI Editing Profile.

19. Can I retrain my Personal AI Editing Profile using only RAW images?

Aftershoot Personal AI Editing Profiles can only be trained and improved with Lightroom or Capture One catalogs.

20. Can I create a Personal AI Editing Profiles using only RAW images?

Aftershoot Personal AI Editing Profiles can only be trained and improved with Lightroom or Capture One catalogs.

21. Can I retrain my Personal AI Editing Profile using Bridge/ACR/Photoshop?

Aftershoot Personal AI Editing Profiles can only be trained and improved with Lightroom or Capture One catalogs.

22. Will Advanced Cropping cost extra to use?

Advanced Cropping is included in the Cropping & Straightening feature and comes at no extra charge if you've already purchased it.

23. I'm not a fan of the new Tab Bar, can I revert to the old version?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. But we'd love to hear your feedback on what's not up to your liking if you'd be willing to book a call with us.

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