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How do I build my AI profile with Aftershoot Edits
How do I build my AI profile with Aftershoot Edits
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Correctly building your AI profile with Aftershoot EDITS is one of the most important steps to success and that's precisely what we go over in this article.

To begin, from Aftershoot's home screen - click the button on top right which says "Get Started".

In the next screen, provide your AI profile a unique name and choose the kind of AI profile you want to build.

For example, if you shoot and edit Jpegs, you would select Jpeg. If you shoot and edit raw and export to Jpeg, you would choose Raw.

You will also be asked to choose whether this is a color or black & white profile.

Aftershoot supports creating both Color and Black & White but not both together at the same time

Now it's time to connect your Lightroom catalog(s) for training. You can connect up to 15 different catalogs at the same time.
They can be dragged and dropped into Aftershoot, you can browse your computer to connect the catalogs or choose from recently opened catalogs.

Once you have connected your catalogs, Aftershoot Edits will search for smart previews connected to the catalog and automatically link them with the chosen Catalog.

If you don't have the Smart Previews generated, we will use the RAW files for building your AI profile - so make sure that they're connected to your computer.

Once you have added the Lightroom catalogs, click "Continue" and start narrowing down the images to outline the one you want to submit for training.

You can do so by filtering by the Lightroom Catalogs, Stars and Colors, and Folders/Collections (outlined in the screenshot below)

You can start with as little as 2500 edited images, but for best results aim for over 5000 edited images, the more you have the more accurate your editing profile will be.

If you don't have 2500 edited images, you can submit however many images you have and then continue adding more images to the AI profile later.

Once you have narrowed down your images for training, click Upload and let Aftershoot start its upload and training!

You can now let Aftershoot run and get back to your work! You will be emailed once your AI profile is built and ready to be used.

On average, it takes around 4 hours to build an AI profile with 5000 images - so don't worry if you do not get an email rightaway!

Note: Debugging potential errors

If you aren't able to upload your images or the number of images in Aftershoot not matching with what you see in Lightroom; check the points number 1 and 2 highlighted in the screenshot to make sure that your Smart Previews/RAWs are connected and that you aren't selecting unedited photos for upload.

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