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I get a black screen on starting Aftershoot
I get a black screen on starting Aftershoot
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If you are getting a black screen either on starting Aftershoot or clicking any button; follow the following steps:

Windows Users

If you're using Windows, close Aftershoot from the task manager and uninstall it. After its uninstalled, delete the following folders.

Note: You will have to enable "Hidden Files" option from the "View" tab in Windows Explorer first to see these folders.



After these two folders have been deleted, reinstall AfterShoot and run it again. You should not be getting this error anymore!

macOS Users

If you are running Aftershoot on macOS and get a black screen; follow the following steps:

Open terminal and type on the following command:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

You will be asked to enter your password, type it and hit enter (you won't see your password as its being entered, but that's ok)

From the screen that opens, delete everything that you see and then paste the snippet below: localhost broadcasthost
::1 localhost

After this, press "Ctrl + X" followed by "Y" and "Return" key.

Quit terminal and restart your system and use continue using Aftershoot as you normally would!

If you have tried both the solutions above and still get this issue, get in touch with us using the in-app chat or by emailing us at [email protected]

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